AgHL Phase I, LP

Min. Invest $25,000
Target Hold 60 mo
Annualized Returns 35%

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Investment Type: Term: Raise Amount: Targeted ROI: IRR:
Preferred Equity
60 Months $10,000,000 200% 35.02%


AGGREGATED HEMP LABORATORIES is pleased to present the opportunity for investment in a “ground floor” enterprise in the burgeoning industrial hemp sector. This will be one of nation’s first industrial scale hemp-based products operations, made possible as a direct result of the 2018 Farm Bill, which was signed into law on December 20, 2018.

Through the AgHL Phase I, Limited Partnership an immediate opportunity exists to capture significant profit points by utilizing Modular Processing and Refining equipment to process hemp biomass. Our low cost, high margin, easy to operate, patent-pending technology, skid mounted systems have been designed and  engineered for the quick one-step conversion of Hemp at or from the farm into high value CBD and  other cannabidiols, with options for the production of agricultural carbon concentrate, high purity  food grade activated carbon and graphene, and other high value derivatives. Equipment to be fabricated by SepPros Systems based in Houston, TX, which specializes in the custom design and manufacturing of modular skid-mounted oil and gas, petrochemical, and refining process equipment. (see


  • Investment Capital Requirement - $30,000,000 (Phase 1 ~$10M & Phase 2 ~$20M)
  • High Yield, Maximum Profit with Continuous Cash Flow from Company Operations
  • 30% annual interest on invested amount, paid monthly after month 3; fully paid with 3X return of invested amount over 60 months max ($3 back for every $1 invested) This produces an Return on Investment (ROI) of 200.
  • Demand is rising for high-quality HEMP-BASED PRODUCTS on a global level. The 2018 Farm Bill legalizes the (regulated) production of hemp; until now it has not been differentiated from other cannabis plants. It is now considered a crop much like corn or wheat
  • AgHL is developing one of the largest facilities of its type in the country, centered in the heart of the hemp growing capital of the nation with a second location already identified. Additionally, we will have two (2) fully operational mobile facilities
  • There is a current production bottle neck being experienced in the country, literally forcing $7.5 billion out of $8.5 billion worth of U.S. hemp crops to be burned or plowed under. The demand for facilities like ours is unmatched in any industry, but the timing must be now
  • True opportunity to be part of an industry leader in hemp-based applications and products

The Timeline

Why Invest with Aggregated Hemp Laboratories?

  • Strong business plan produces sufficient revenues for repayment of investments with interest
  • Conservative estimates for revenues and expenses for investor confidence
  • 30% minimum on invested amount paid monthly starting month four
  • Five Year Maximum Repayment Schedule for Principal to obtain a 3X return on your initial investment
  • Self-terminating LP upon repayment of contracted return on investment
  • All payments by end of fifth year, with balloon “catch-up” payment if needed
  • 35.02 minimum IRR with no early extra payments; higher with earlier payoff
  • Accelerated payback through revenue sharing based on company profitability
  • Pro Forma Financial Model viewable with approval of Sponsor

The Technology

The technology employed was developed by Dr. Foster Agblevor, who is currently the Utah Science Technology and Research (USTAR) endowed Professor of Biological Engineering at Utah State University (USU) and Inventor of the MPS. The technology is a closed pyrolysis bio-mass extraction system which isolated high value by-products from raw hemp.

Wayne Heftye, a career oil and gas expert, learned of the process and has developed a working relationship with Dr. Agblevor to apply the technology effectively to extract CBD oil and other high value by-products from low THC hemp waste feedstock.

This adaptation prepares AgHL to commercialize a state-of-the-art Hemp to CBD (and other by-products) process.

Mr.Heftye has an international license for the use of the technology, which is owned by Utah State University and is  “patent-pending”.

Steps in the Hemp Production Process

  • Extraction - Process of producing crude oil from hemp biomass
  • Winterization - Filters out undesirable elements, creating a pure oil
  • Distillation – Further refines the extract
  • Isolation - Isolates each of the desired compounds for final products
  • Diversification – process provides opportunities for evolving by-products
  • CBD Isolate
  • Our CBD isolates are 99.8% pure. CBD isolate contains no additives or contaminants making it the perfect choice for finished CBD products.
  •  Transplants
  • Using our high quality proven custom genetics, these transplants will insure high yielding CBD Hemp Plants with predetermined superior quality results ready for processing through our own refining facility


  • Hemp Biomass
  • Superior Seeds
  • Generational seed stock, from American bred organic seed which produces high germination rates, with above industry standard CBD potential
  • future derivatives

Highlights on the Isolation and Extraction of by-products

  • Provides ultimate control over quality with efficient product flow
  • Vertically integrated system From Seed to Finished by-product sale
  • Superior Seed, Genetics, Transplants, and Breeding in our laboratory-controlled environment that continuously evolves from crop-to-crop
  • Consistent and Predictable Auto-flowering Crops
  • Processing Facility uses Exclusive, Patented, Proprietary Extraction Technology surpassing existing technology available in the industry
  • Cost effective, versatile, efficient & profitable operation
  • State of the Art Technology, leap-frogging other technologies
  • Inventor/Designer/Engineer part of Management Team for continuous monitoring and improvements

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CBD oil legal to sell and use?

Yes. It was added to the 2018 Farm Bill and is recognized as a farm crop much the same as corn or wheat as long as the psycho-active component “THC” is less than .3% (soon to modified to .5% in the new regulations).

Does CBD oil make you high?

No, CBD oil made from industrial hemp cannot make you high. The component that affects the brain to make you high is THC. Our CBD oil is genetically limited in THC below the levels regulated by the US Government to undetectable levels in the human body. That level is presently .3% THC, but will soon be modified to .5%. Our THC levels can be maintained at 0% THC which is beyond the capability of other facilities due to the fact that our facility utilizes more advanced technology than other existing facilities.                                                               

What is the difference between your hemp CBD and marijuana CBD?

Marijuana contains the cannabinoid “THC” in the oil at a measured volume of over .3%. It is common to find it at a level of 50% or more in marijuana. THC is the compound that affects the brain to make you high. Our product contains only CBD (or other beneficial cannabinoids) with no “THC” and, as such, it is not considered marijuana and cannot make you high.

I heard many farmers lost a lot of money last year growing hemp. How are you different?

That is a true statement. Out of an $8.5 billion crop planted in 2019, $7.5 billion worth of hemp crop was plowed under or burned and destroyed. Hemp is regulated to insure it will never go beyond the levels of THC that the government allows. If it does, it has to be destroyed. Many farmers were not properly educated in growing hemp and even if they did grow legal hemp, they could not find enough production facilities to process their crop before it went moldy. We use only our own genetically developed auto-flowering seeds that produce a very high concentration of CBD as well as other “rare” cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN CBC RSO, and dozens more that are more difficult or impossible to extract with the older extraction processes. We are not limited to only producing CBD with our state-of-the-art extraction equipment. We also engage award-winning scientists that manage and educate our farmers that we have under contract to grow our crop. The crops are continuously tested and are harvested at exactly the right time and processed in our own facility, which is one of the largest extraction and distilling facilities in the US. Our sales are pre-negotiated so there is no bottlenecking in the entire process. That is why we say “Seed to Sale”.

What if the crop starts molding or freezes in an early winter frost?

We are the only facility in the US that can process moldy or frozen crops and still retrieve the valuable cannabinoids from those plants. No other facility has the capability of doing that.   

Does it take special equipment to harvest and grow hemp?

The process of growing hemp is different than most other crops. It is time intensive with a lot of maintenance and “babysitting” to insure the quality we demand. Hemp has to be harvested at exactly the right time... and I mean to the day! It also takes special heavy-duty harvesters and special seeders. We will have our scientists on site at the farms overseeing the process and educating farmers so there will be no wasted crops. Efficiency is a built-in process this way. We also provide the special heavy-duty farm equipment to the farmers which they will buy back over time utilizing a lease-buy-back program.    

Does your processor use harmful solvents to process your oil?

No, we do not use ethanol or any other harmful solvents to process our oil. It is 100% pure, non-toxic and non-flammable.

Where will you get the initial feedstock to start you company?

We already have multiple sources with millions of pounds of bio-mass  that was left over from the 2019 harvest due to the bottleneck in production facilities available. This bio-mass can be purchased for a discount because it will have to be destroyed if it is not used.

I heard that storing biomass allows it to get moldy and therefore cannot be used to make CBD oil.

That is the general thought, and in most cases you are correct. However, our patent pending refinery is the only one of its kind that can take moldy biomass and extract useable oil and fiber and also create activated carbon which can be sold as an additional revenue stream. As the cliché' goes, we are making lemon juice out of old lemons.

What if the market suddenly dries up or there is an economic collapse in the CBD oil market?

We can easily convert from making CBD oil to CBG, or CBN oil, etc... or we could just as easily convert to make activated carbon, graphene, bio-fuels for automobiles, diesel fuel, or a myriad of other valuable liquids that are just as valuable and in demand as CBD oil. Hemp is also used to produce bio-degradable plastic, paper, building products, softer textiles, rope, animal feed, and dozens of additional useful products for the consumer and industry.  

How are you prepared to compete in the burgeoning market that we are seeing today?

We have all the bases covered which is something that our competition has not even begun to consider. Our first step was to negotiate over 20,000 acres of irrigated farm land with experienced farmers that contract exclusively with us to grow our hemp. We then provide them with our own genetically developed seeds that go beyond the industry standards and will soon set the bar for the rest of the industry. These seeds have been bred and developed by our team of bio-scientists in our labs to produce more volume and higher potency cannabinoids than what is available today. We will continuously improve them and use the latest variety for our crops each year.  We are already exploring and producing a more rare variety of cannabinoids (along with some that have not even been published yet) including, but not limited to, CBG, CBN, RSO, THCV, THCA, to name a few of the present known ones. The market has not even been tapped for the usage and benefits of these rare cannabinoids which, by the way, are much more valuable than CBD. We are forward focused and well beyond the curve in the development and scientific exploration of hemp derived products. We own and operate our own state of the art production facility that is one of the largest in the US. We have our own existing brand label (retail) and wholesale markets lining up for a spot at the table to participate in one of  the greatest and fastest growing business enterprises in the world. No other company to our knowledge has put together the professional team for a complete seed-to-sale endeavor that could rival ours.        

Where are you located?

We are presently located in Montana where the growing environment is considered optimal for growing hemp. We will base our operation out of Montana; however, we are already considering expanding into neighboring states such as Oregon, California, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska.

What if we have questions that are not answered in your presentation?

You can email us with your question. We will get back to you via email. If you are serious about investing, you can speak with our founders and managers to get all your questions answered on a phone call. The names and phone numbers will be offered to you as you migrate closer to the investment pledge and Agreement pages of the presentation. You must be registered and Accredited to open those pages.



AgHL Phase I, LP

Aggregated Hemp Laboratories is offering investment to Accredited Investors only through the AgHL Phase I, Limited Partnership, with a minimum investment of $25,000 and a maximum raise of $10,000,000.The investment amount will be deposited into the AgHL Phase I, LP escrow account , with interest accruing to the investors pro rata.

Once AgHL Phase I, LP has received commitments of at least $6,000,000 (amount needed for the Minimum Viable Project) the investors' capital will be transferred to an operating account to begin development of the project.

30% interest on the invested amounts will be returned to investors through AgHL Phase I, LP's capital account, and additional returns from 20% of the earnings will also be paid to investors through the capital account, until Investors have received three times their initial investment in total payments.  In no event will the returns to investors be paid back later then 63 months from the date the investment funds are transferred to the Operating Account. If a final balloon payment is made for the amounts due in excess of the 30% annual returns, the IRR is estimated to be 35.02. Any acceleration of the repayment of returns to the investors will increase the effective IRR accordingly. The ROI is 200.

Once all investors in the Limited Partnership have received this contracted return on investment, the Limited Partnership will be dissolved.

For specific language on this investment, please refer to the AgHL Phase I, Limited Partnership documents available on the eVest platform, which is executable once Investors are Accredited through investready.

For a detailed Proforma, please download and complete the NDNC Agreement from the Documents section, and return to:

If you would like to speak with one of the partners, please email us and we can schedule a time for a talk with you.


Mobile Unit Proforma

Financial Sources

Owners RE & Assets $3,500,000

Market Overview

There is a rising demand for high-quality CBD isolate and distillate on a global level. The 2018 Farm bill legalizes the (regulated) production of hemp; until now it has not been differentiated from other cannabis plants.

“In terms of the CBD market size, we estimate an almost $22 billion market by 2022”

-Source: Brightfield Group

  • 64 million Americans have tried CBD/ cannabidiol, in the past 24 months
  • 1 out of 7 people say they use CBD every day
  • 40% of 20 year olds and 15% of 60 year olds say they have tried CBD CBD is already in hundreds of products and available almost everywhere  22% of users have replaced an existing OTC/ RX drug(s) use completely  74% of users say they experienced no side effects
  • 48% of users say CBD is extremely effective
  • Source: January 2019 Consumer Reports national survey
  • Brightfield Group, a market research firm specializing in cannabis; expects the CBD market from hemp alone to grow to $22 billion by 2022, up from $327 million in 2017.

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